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United Securities Limited as Registrars are to distribute to Shareholders the amount of any dividend attributable to their Airtel Africa PLC Shares listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

The default currency for the dividend is United States (US) Dollar:

  • Shareholders that hold their shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange may elect to receive their entire dividend payment in Naira or Dollar.

  • Partial elections are not permissible.

Holders electing to receive a dividend in Naira should complete this Currency Election Form and send to United Securities Limited seven (7) days before a dividend payment.

N.B. If this form is incomplete or if paper instructions are received in any other format not stated in the document, the shareholder’s instructions will be deemed invalid and will be rejected and United Securities will not accept any liability in relation to such rejected instructions. Any liability resulting from the currency conversion and any bank charges/commission will be deducted by the receiving bank.

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